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"As Investment Managers our time is spent trading the markets.  When it came to setting up our hedge fund and navigating the various legal agencies involved, we were definitely out of our element.  Fortunately, Evan Rapoport with Hedge Fund Tools was able to act as both a guide and a consultant.  With Evan’s help we were able to form our Funds both inexpensively and with absolute assurance that all the legal aspects were properly handled.  Evan not only introduced us to a number of different service providers, but gave us a background on each, pointing out their strengths and weaknesses."

"Having gone through the complete process, we wouldn’t even begin forming a new fund without Evan being part of the process."

Dan Miller
Great Hills Capital Partners, LLC

Hedge Fund Packages caters to the needs of hedge fund professionals and beginners alike.  Even if you've never ran a hedge fund, Hedge Fund Packages can fully equip you with everything you need to get started.  Hedge Fund Packages also consults and provides managers with a vast platform of services to expand and market their hedge fund.  Our marketing initiatives and extensive list of industry contacts allow our team to provide you with the best possible means to expand your fund's presence among qualified investors. 

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In addition to hedge fund servicing, our professionals have helped dozens of companies to expand their operating capabilities, by either starting their own RIA, or branching out to become a Broker/Dealer.  Many companies find that by doing this, they can better service their clients directly, while building equity in their business at the same time.  Heading an RIA or Broker/Dealer allows you to have control over pricing, fee schedules, client base and other operational aspects of your company.  To see if starting an RIA or Broker/Dealer is right for you, contact a member of Hedge Fund Packages today. 

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