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"As Investment Managers our time is spent trading the markets.  When it came to setting up our hedge fund and navigating the various legal agencies involved, we were definitely out of our element.  Fortunately, Evan Rapoport with Hedge Fund Tools was able to act as both a guide and a consultant.  With Evan’s help we were able to form our Funds both inexpensively and with absolute assurance that all the legal aspects were properly handled.  Evan not only introduced us to a number of different service providers, but gave us a background on each, pointing out their strengths and weaknesses."

"Having gone through the complete process, we wouldn’t even begin forming a new fund without Evan being part of the process."

Dan Miller
Great Hills Capital Partners, LLC

You’ve done your research.  You’ve studied the market relentlessly.  You feel you have a strategy devised that will make your investors and yourself a lot of money.  In today’s high-tech industry, starting a hedge fund is easier than ever.  Most of the consulting work can now be done via the internet or the telephone.  It’s basically a matter of finding the right people to set up your fund properly.  At Hedge Fund Packages, we will guide you every step of the way.  Our vast database of service providers coupled with our staff of hedge fund experts will ensure the proper unveiling of your fund.  

Our team of experts will take the time to get to know you and your business.  This will include a full review of your investment strategies, anticipated budget, licensing requirements, and many other important aspects you need to launch a successful fund.  Together, we will outline your timelime of expected goals, set reasonable objectives, and help you find the right investor base.  The best part is, our consultation is entirely free.

The Hedge Fund Packages Expert Team is a group of experienced professionals with expertise in project planning, sourcing and management. Our team has been dealing with thousands of hedge fund service providers over the years, and has helped many new and existing hedge funds to establish and/or successfully change their infrastructure. Hedge Fund Packages Experts employ industry best practices to drive project success and are uniquely positioned to deliver significant cost and time savings through the Hedge Fund Packages advantage, namely:

Sourcing Expertise -

Derived from dealing with hundreds of service providers and thousands of managers over the years on HedgeCo.Net.

Worldwide Pool of Talent -
The HedgeCo Network consists of thousands of quality service providers in over 60 service categories (areas of expertise). We also deal with more than 6500 fund managers on our sister site,

What's in it for us?  Being one of the most trusted names in the hedge fund industry, we thrive on the success of hedge funds as a whole and we understand the hurdles one may encounter when trying to launch a fund.  That's why we're happy to offer our experience and expertise at no charge to you.